History of Squash

The sport originated in the 19 th century (around 1850 ) at Harrow Private School in London , England . The students of the school, waiting to use the tennis courts, began to hit one of the walls of the building with their rackets, and that’s how squash was created. The first squash court was […]

Squash Match

All around the globe, individuals are getting a charge out of a round of Squash for the test and energy it brings to the table. Squash is fundamentally the same as tennis in that it includes a racquet and a ball that is hit over a court. The distinction is the ball is hit on […]

Squash Courts

Suash is not only a delicious vegetable but also a sporting activity that has its roots in the 16th century in France. More often the game is played by, two players with clubs in a four-wall court who hit a ball against the wall. When four players play together, this is considered a double game, […]

Squash Rules

For beginners, the rules of squash are pretty straightforward like any other racket game. I will outline them in 3 intensive emphases … 1) serve There is a restricted region for the service to be legitimate. The painted lines along the dividing walls show these fractures. These lines also show the point of restriction to […]

What is squash?

Squash, a ball-sport, is an exciting and challenging racket game that is played by two- single players or four- double players although sometimes dozens of people can play it during the three-quarter games. This sport is normally played in four-walled indoor courts with an aim of making a small-hollow rubber ball to bounce two times […]