What is squash?

Squash, a ball-sport, is an exciting and challenging racket game that is played by two- single players or four- double players although sometimes dozens of people can play it during the three-quarter games. This sport is normally played in four-walled indoor courts with an aim of making a small-hollow rubber ball to bounce two times on the floor so that the opponent can return it. The players should be able to take turns in ball striking, ensuring that the ball hits on the playable-surface of the court’s four-walls.

Squash’s gameplay involves;

• A service where players are required to spin a racket in order to determine who will be the first server.

• The Play – after the first serve, players will be required to take-turns in hitting the ball on to the front-wall, over the tin and beneath the out-line.

• A scoring system – Each game episode involves a set of eleven points. In case each player has 10 points, the game has to continue until one player is ahead with 2 points. A standard squash match consists of five sets and each set usually ends when the first player scores 11 points. Point a Rally Scoring (PARS) is the official scoring –system for all squash levels. With the PARS scoring-system, a match is usually the best three or five games and the first player to reach 11 points wins the game with an exception of 10-10 score which will require the players to continue with the game until one player is ahead by 2-points.

The Playing Equipment

Squash used to be played with rackets laminated with wood while its strung area was made with gut-strings. However, the game’s rules were changed in the late 1980s and currently the rackets are made using composite –materials such as boron, titanium, Kevlar or Graphite. The modern-racket measures 8.5 inches wide and 27 inches long in addition to a maximum strung-area of 77.5 square inches and a maximum-weight of 255 grams.

The playing balls which are made of two rubber compounds measure between 39.5 – 40.5 millimeters in diameter with a weight range of 23 – 25 grams. Different types of squash balls are used for different game levels. For example, a blue ball is used by beginners in a fast speed gameplay while a Double-Yellow Ball is used by experienced players for an extra-slow playing speed.

Squash is an enjoyable yet brutal indoor sport that requires players to be very quick in getting the ball. As a player, you also need to have strong endurance as well as recovery in order to keep getting the ball time and again, especially when the ball travels as fast as 225km/h. Apart from the physical strength required to effectively play Squash, a player has to be very shrewd, always weighing up their shot –options and checking up the position of their opponent all in a matter of seconds.

Although Squash’s governing body, The World- Squash Federation is internationally recognized by The Olympic Committee, this sport has never been part of Olympic Games even after numerous applications have been made for the game to be incorporated in Olympic Program.



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